Stop feeding these TRP hungry vultures

Written by; Rajiv Tyagi

Here is a true story some of you may remember. I am forced to tell this story again as we Indians have a very short memory, so hear me out.The year was 2007. Sudhir Chaudhary (Yes, same, Zee News guy) was the CEO of India Live TV. The channel ran a ‘sting-operation’ where they showed that Uma Khurana, a maths teacher in a Delhi Government school, ran a racket forcing her students into prostitution.

Before police could do anything, a mob descended on the school, dragged the teacher from her hair, stripped her. The police arrested her. She was sent to Tihar Jail. She was terminated from her job.Later it was found out that the ‘sting-operation’ was all fake and stage managed. The ‘student’ interviewed was a reporter with a Noida based newspaper hired for this operation. Every single thing shown in the sting operation was stage-managed via hired actors.

Nothing happened to Sudhir Chaudhary, he escaped with an apology. But, the teacher’s life was destroyed. Imagine the trauma she and her family had to go through. My only request to you folks – Stop being a part of the blood thirsty lynch-mob. You never know tomorrow instead of this teacher its your own mother, sister, wife or daughter.

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